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Java Certification Exam

Oracle offers variety of Java Certifications for all Java Editions (Java SE, EE and ME).

Java SE : Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) offers the rich user interface, performance and security that today's applications require.

Java EE : Companies utilize the new, lightweight Java EE 6 Web Profile to create next-generation web applications.

Java ME : Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) provides a robust, flexible environment for applications running on mobile and other embedded devices.

After Oracle took over Java, Oracle defines the Java Certification under four major levels. These levels are very useful to beginners to identify the correct path to build their carrier in java. Good knowledge in java is not only make you as a Java Professional, you might need to get java certification. If you are a Java Certified Professional then you will be a most wanted person in industry.

The Four Levels of Java Certification is here for you,

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Level Java Certifications
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Level Java Certifications
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM) Level Java Certifications
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) Level Java Certifications

You much know the answer to the following two questions before choose your certification path.

Questions are,

Which certification you can take?
What is the correct path to take exams for your carrier?

Here is the answer for your question, see this image it will direct you to correct path.


Click on the image for full view
JAVA Exam Level (Click on the image for full view)

OCA Level Java Certifications

The OCA credential is typically the first step toward achieving the OCP certification. The OCA credential ensures that the individual is equipped with fundamental skills, providing a strong foundation for supporting Oracle products.

1Z0-803    -    OCAJP 7
1Z0-850    -    OCAJ 6
OCP Level Java Certifications

The OCP credential is the benchmark of professional skill and technical expertise required to manage, develop or implement applications. IT managers use the OCP credential to evaluate the qualifications of employees and job candidates.

1Z1-804    -    OCPJP 7
1Z0-805    -    OCPJP 7    Upgrade
1Z0-851    -    OCPJP 6
1Z0-853    -    OCPJP 5
1Z0-858    -    OCPJWCD 5
1Z0-860    -    OCPJBCD 5
1Z0-862    -    OCPJWSD 5
1Z0-869    -    OCPJME 5
OCM Level Java Certifications

The OCM credential recognizes the ultimate advanced level of skills, proven ability, and knowledge. These professionals are qualified to answer the most difficult questions and solve the most complex problems.

1Z0-855 & 1Z0-856    -    OCMJD 6
1Z0-864, 1Z0-865 & 1Z0-866    -    OCMJEA 5
1Z0-807    -    OCMJEA 6
OCE Level Java Certifications

The OCE Level is a part of Oracle's Certification Program which grants credentials that recognize competency in specific technologies, architectures or domains not currently covered in the path-based Certified Associate and Certified Professional certifications. Successful candidates will be awarded a special Expert Certification designation.

1Z0-894    -    OCEJWCD 6
1Z0-895    -    OCEEJBD 6
1Z0-898    -    OCEJPAD 6
1Z0-897    -    OCEJWSD 6
 Java certification is move your Java career forward, So to make your carrier with Java plan to take java certifications in a correct path. For all these java certifications exam preparation you can follow the EPractize Labs Java Certification Training Lab Simulator. Because these simulators includes complete study material and sample mock exams for all the above mentioned four level Java Certification Exams.

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